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SMS Marketing cuts through Anywhere, Anytime

SMS Marketing
cuts through

Anywhere, Anytime

Get qualified leads for your business

Get Qualified Leads
for your business

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Less Obtrusive than a phone call, More Immediate than email

Less Obtrusive
than a phone call

More Immediate
than email

MYOB, Excel & more links to your customer data

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Cost Effective
appointment reminders

Quick, easy, secure group communication

Quick, Easy, Secure
group communication

Team Echo
for team contact on the run


Smart Phones account for over 80% of users. Well-targeted SMS marketing generates new business, & drives customers to your website.

There is a veritable plethora of marketing and communication options to choose from – Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Email, Voicemail, Twitter, VoiP, Mobile Phone and the good old Landline! The list goes on and on and on - and even worse, it is getting bigger!

Like it or not, we all have to consider the options, and make a judgement on what will work for us as individuals for receiving information, and importantly, in our businesses for communicating with our customers; and there’s a difference between the information that our customers NEED or WANT and what is merely of interest.

Amongst all of these communication options, SMS remains one of the most immediate and efficient means of connecting with people. Emails often don’t get read, we’re not always in front of our computers, nor do we always have our tablets on hand, but EVERY person who owns a mobile phone has his or her handset in his or her hand 24/7.

We provide robust sms marketing and communication services and we pride ourselves on high quality customer service. If you are considering marketing by sms our sms marketing software SMS ToolKit is efficient, cost-saving, and provides a robust yet easy-to-use platform for your sms marketing campaigns.

We believe that sms marketing in australia has yet to hit its straps, and it is clear, as our number and diversity of clients increases, that sms text message marketing - whether for a smallish niche market, or for mass sms marketing - remains a largely untapped opportunity for creating happy existing customers, and healthy growth in new customer business.

In fact, we think that the result of this ever-increasing plethora of options that bombard our every waking moment – well, do you have your mobile phone by the bed and switched on at night??? – will result in a serious swing of the pendulum back to a simpler modus operandi and an increase in the use of sms text marketing and therefore, in our and other sms marketing services.

Used as an integral part of your marketing and communications strategy, sending a marketing sms to your current or lapsed clients can bring additional business through your door. One of our clients ran an End of Financial Year Sale for their footwear and increased their monthly sales by over 30% - bulk sms marketing can deliver a significant ROI for your business!